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Browse these 2011 news articles of interest on current events that range from:

  • Seasonal weather predictions and folklore,
  • Reports of unexplained ecological events,
  • New geological discoveries, to
  • Disaster and economical preparedness.

Brace for Impact

This time its a spacecraft not a satellite that will be plunging to the earth. According to the Russian Space agency a Russian spacecraft bound for a moon of Mars and stuck in Earth's orbit will come crashing back next month. The space agency said the unmanned Phobos-Ground spacecraft will plummet to Earth between Jan. 6 and Jan. 19, and the rough area of where the fragments could fall could only be calculated a few days ahead of its plunge.

October 19, 2011 there is yet another failing satellite falling to earth. According to BERLIN (AP) — A retired satellite is hurtling toward the atmosphere and pieces of it could crash into the Earth as early as Friday, the German Aerospace Center says.

No, is not a solar flare or a comet - its a falling/failing 6.5 Ton Satellite. The huge Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) is expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere in an uncontrolled fall in late September or early October. Much of the spacecraft is expected to burn up during re-entry, but some pieces are expected to make it intact to the ground, NASA officials said.

Earth to satellite: When will you hit -- and where? NASA scientists are doing their best to tell us where a plummeting six-ton satellite will fall later this week. It's just that if they're off a little bit, it could mean the difference between hitting Florida or landing on New York. Or, say, Iran or India.

Falling NASA Satellite Could Spark Stunning Light Show - A NASA satellite the size of a school bus is just days away from taking a fiery plunge into Earth’s atmosphere and could set off a dazzling display when it does … if anyone is able to see it.

Asteroid Flyby Expected on November 8th

NASA scientists will be tracking asteroid 2005 YU55 with antennas of the agency's Deep Space Network at Goldstone, Calif., as the space rock safely flies past Earth slightly closer than the moon's orbit on Nov. 8. Although 2005 YU55 is in an orbit that regularly brings it to the vicinity of Earth (and Venus and Mars), the 2011 encounter with Earth is the closest this space rock has come for at least the last 200 years.The asteroid will continue to be tracked by Goldstone for at least four hours each day from Nov. 6 through Nov. 10.

At 400 meters in diameter NASA says the asteroid is the size of an aircraft carrier, but it's actually even larger. The last time an asteroid this big came this close to Earth was 1976, and it looks like it won't happen again until 2028.The asteroid, designated 2005 YU55, will pass Earth at a distance of about 325,000 kilometers, just inside the orbit of the moon.

Tsunami Debri Heading for the West Coast

There have been reports of cars, tractor-trailers, capsized ships and even whole houses bobbing around in open water. Scientists say the first bits of debris from Japan are due to reach the West Coast in a year's time after being carried by currents toward Washington, Oregon and California.

Click here to read more and view amazing pictures of the debris

Interesting Article on Where is all the Gold?

Gold-Shortage Threat - Dallas hedge-fund manager J. Kyle Bass helped advise the University of Texas Investment Management Co. on taking delivery of 6,643 gold bars, worth $991.7 million yesterday, that are stored in a bank warehouse in New York.

Are you prepared for a total economic collapse?

How bad could it get? If Greece is any type of an example, we are in big trouble. Public transport grinds to halt in Greek capital. Austerity-weary Greeks lashed out against more tax hikes and pension cuts with a new round of strikes Thursday, with public transport workers, taxi drivers, teachers and air traffic controllers walking off the job.

Dollar Value

In Baltimore, homes for $10,000 — and less. Housing prices continue to fall through much of the region, with some of the most striking examples in city neighborhoods.

2011 Heat Wave

A lengthy, blistering heat wave that is blanketing the eastern half of the United States is putting significant stress on the nation's power grid as homeowners and businesses crank up their air conditioners.

Be prepared for Power Outages and Extreme Heat.

Solar Storm

Sun Unleashes 'Spectacular' & Powerful Eruption - The sun unleashed a massive solar storm today (June 7) in a dazzling eruption that kicked up a vast cloud of magnetic plasma that appeared to rain back down over half of the sun's entire surface, NASA scientists say. Click on the link to watch a short video of the incredible event.

Snow in Hawaii?

Summer snow in Hawaii, high on Mauna Kea - With just a few days removed from the official start of summer, the summit of the Big Island’s biggest mountain was covered by white after a passing thunderstorm dropped inches of ice at the 13,000 foot level.

2011 Hurricane Season

This is certainly an article of interest for those living along the coastlines.

Prepare the Home for 2011 Hurricane Season - Forecasters believe the number of named storms will reach 16. Are you prepared?

Click here to learn about Hurricanes and for a FREEFamily and Individual Hurricane Preparedness eBook.

Winter is Still Lingering

  • Winter storm warnings have been posted for parts of Pennsylvania | New Jersey | New York | Massachusetts | Vermont | New Hampshire | Maine
  • This storm will intensify Friday off the coast of New England.
  • Strong winds and the wet, heavy nature of snow may lead to power outages in the area covered by the winter storm warnings.
  • Major travel disruption over a wide area is possible.

Radiation in the US

Radiation Traces Found in U.S. Milk - The U.S. government said Wednesday that traces of radiation have been found in milk in Washington state, but said the amounts are far too low to trigger any public-health concern.

Learn about radiation exposure.

US Nuclear Safety Being Questioned - NEW YORK (CNN Money) -- The safety of America's nuclear reactors is being questioned as Japanese engineers scramble to avert a total meltdown at two of that country's quake-stricken power plants.

Unexplained Ecological Events

Mystery of Dying Animals Worldwide

Thousands of white bass turn up dead in Arkansas River - Wildlife officials have discovered thousands of dead fish along the Arkansas River in Little Rock and were still counting carcasses on Tuesday, a day after an angler reported seeing dozens of dead white bass.

More Dead Fish - This time its millions of anchovies, sardines and mackerel at King Harbor in Redondo Beach.The link below will take you to the article with pictures. Be aware the pictures can be disturbing for some viewers.

40,000 crabs join slew of animal-death mysteries - First, it was birds falling from the sky, then thousands of dead fish washing up on shore. Now, more than 40,000 Velvet swimming crabs have wound up dead on England beaches.

Mass Animal Deaths a Worldwide Phenomenon, With New Deaths in Sweden- Around 100 birds were found lying dead on a snow-covered street in southern Sweden’s Falkoping, after a string of unexplained animal deaths hit the U.S. and New Zealand, Swedish.

Interesting Articles on Solar Storms

Solar flare warning for SA - The Hermanus Space Weather Warning Centrex (SWWC) on Sunday said a large solar flare was currently being experienced in South Africa.

SWWC’s forecaster Kobus Olckers said people should be careful when they go outside."People must wear high sunscreen factor at the moment or preferably go shopping," he said. Click the link below to read the full article.

Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. for Months
A new study from the National Academy of Sciences outlines grim possibilities on Earth for a worst-case scenario solar storm. Find out what types of damages to expect by clicking the link below.

This article originally appeared on boston.com - Solar storm in the forecast; celestial light show expected say the Northern Lights may be visible in areas farther south than they are normally, due to eruptions on the surface of the sun. Follow the link below.

Solar Storm on August 1, 2010 - Spectacular aurora lit the night sky from Europe to North America on August 3, 2010, thanks to a 12-hour long geomagnetic storm.

Learn more about Solar Storms and their impact on us.

Mud Volcano in Indonesian

Indonesian Mud Volcano to Erupt for Next Quarter Century- Its lake of mud has now smothered 12 villages to a depth of up to nearly 50 feet (15 meters) and forced around 42,000 people from their homes...is likely to gush gray mud until 2037.

Geological Discoveries

Super Volcano

Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells - Yellowstone National Park's super volcano just took a deep "breath". To read the full article click in the link below.

Super Volcano Will Challenge Civilization, Geologists Warn - Several volcanoes around the world are capable of gigantic eruptions unlike anything witnessed in recorded history. To find out where, click on the link below.

New Fault Line Discovered

Idaho scientists find new seismic fault in Rockies - SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – Scientists at Idaho State University have mapped a previously unknown and active seismic fault in the northern Rockies capable of unleashing an earthquake with a magnitude as high as 7.5.

Disaster indicators for California

Here are two interesting articles about California Disaster Scenarios:

What happens if a Japan-sized earthquake hits California? As Japan picks up the pieces after a 9.0-magnitude quake, anxious Californians confront worst-case-scenario forecasts for their state.

Compare this Year to Last Years Hurricane Season

NOAA Expects Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season. Across the entire Atlantic Basin for the six-month season, which begins June 1,
NOAA is projecting a 70 percent probability of the following ranges:

• 14 to 23 Named Storms (top winds of 39 mph or higher), including:
• 8 to 14 Hurricanes (top winds of 74 mph or higher), of which:
• 3 to 7 could be Major Hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of at least 111 mph)


Weather Lore

Another Article of Interest for those of you who enjoy folklore. Folklore is different from weather lore, but both are interesting and entertaining, and both have been around for thousands of years. Folklore are beliefs based on fear and superstition. Weather lore is based on observation of the environment and the effects that changes in the weather have on insects, animals, birds and people. Here are a few of the most common sayings:

If ant hills are high in July,
Winter will be snowy.

If the first week in August is unusually warm,
the coming Winter will be snowy and long.

For every fog in August,
There will be a snowfall in Winter.

If a cold August follows a hot July,
It foretells a Winter hard and dry.