Emergency Fishing Kit

Do you need an Emergency fishing kit for your Bug out bag? If you are in a situation where you have to provide food for yourself or your family, fishing is one of the most reliable ways to do so. Fishing works well for short-term survival and long-term survival scenarios.

Many people think you need to have a fishing pole in order to catch fish, but that simply isn't the case. A good emergency fishing kit will provide all the essentials, such as:

  • hooks
  • fishing line
  • a bobber
  • a sinker
  • razor blade
  • small container

If you want to see how one guy put his own emergency fishing kit together and actually uses it to fish with, watch this video:

If you are interested in reviewing two well-made emergency fishing kits, I have some options for you to look at. The two shown below will provide everything you need in a crisis situation. Well, everything but the bait.

Here is one 15-Pc. Emergency Survival Fishing Kitthat you should consider. It is very popular and is rated very highly. The case is very durable and fits into a bag of nearly any size.

  • Quality Components
  • Designed by Avid Fishermen
  • Contains the basics of what you need to catch fish
  • Meets Alaska/Canada Over Flight Requirements
  • Assembled in the USA

Another Emergency Fishing Kit option is the Compact Survival Fishing Kit British Navy Issue. This is nice to slip into a pocket or a bag because it is more flexible. In a survival situation, it would be great to know you have a kit that the British Navy uses.

  • A true survival fishing kit in a very small, lightweight package!
  • 3"x 5.25", and weighs only 2.3 oz.
  • Contains its own line winder.
  • The sharps in this kit are sheathed in removable plastic, and can be re-attached after use.

In an emergency survival situation, these could provide you with an option to source food for yourself or your family. They are both lightweight, easy to pack and store and most importantly - they both really work!

In addition to preparing yourself with survival equipment, prepare yourself in other ways, too. Read everything you can, attend workshops, hang out with like-minded people and understand what is going on around you - and what you can do about it. Knowledge is essential to survival.

With the right knowledge and the right equipment, you will be a lot more likely to survive.