Freeze Dried Food

If you take preparing for disasters seriously, you owe it to yourself to consider freeze dried food. As far as nutrition goes, you simply will not find a more cost effective or practical solution that will help keep you and your family healthy if the worst happens.

There are many brands from which you can choose if you wish to purchase your food already prepared.

Here are a few options:

  • Mountain House 72 Hour Emergency Freeze Dried Meal Kit (9 Pouches)
  • Wel-B Freeze-dried Strawberry and Banana Fruit Snack (6 Pack)
  • Provident Pantry® MyChoice™ Mozzarella Shredded Cheese 9oz.

Alternatively, you can freeze dry foods yourself. I will admit that I have never done this myself, but I have read many, many articles about people who do it regularly and it seems like something that anyone can do with the right equipment and a little extra time.

If you have allergy issues, this may be a great solution as you are able to control all of the ingredients that go into your foods before you freeze dry them.

As for the major benefits of freeze dried food (in terms of disaster preparedness), take a look at this:

freeze dried beef stew
  • Easy to Prepare - Most freeze dried food is extremely simple to prepare. You won't need a lot of utensils or complicated equipment to prepare nutritious meals.

  • No Power Required - Another big benefit of freeze dried food when it comes to disaster preparation is that you should always be able to cook it directly over an open flame - no electricity required.

  • Food is light-weight, easy to transport and easy to handle.

  • High Nutritional Value - Depending on what kind of disaster hits or how bad it is, you may not be able to purchase anything for days or weeks. You may not be able to forage for wild food, either. Freeze dried food is packed with vitamins and nutrients and will keep you healthy over a long period of time.

  • Foods are preserved to last a long time - Shelf life can be years! Removing the water content from the food (drying) means the food doesn't spoil.

Nearly any food you can imagine can be freeze dried. Stew, yams, strawberries, and chicken noodle soup are just a few of the goodies you can store on your shelves now. If you are serious about preparing for disasters, you need to really consider freeze dried foods.

Store at room temperature.

Above and beyond all this, the cost of freeze dried food is also usually quite reasonable, especially if you buy in bulk. As far as food supplies go, most survivalists and disaster preparation specialists agree that freeze dried food is by far the best choice for people in most disaster preparation situations. It has been around many years and is gaining popularity now more than ever. Give it a try!