LifeStraw Water Filter

The LifeStraw water filter is the award-winning personal water filter, designed to provide you with safe, clean drinking water in any situation. Everyone in our household owns one thanks to my sister. She used it when camping and ran out of drinkable water on a long hike and decided that everyone in the family needed one.

It is our go-to survival water filter

LifeStraw Water Filter

Time magazine calls the LifeStraw water filter the "Best Invention of the Year" because it is the perfect solution for hiking and camping, travel, emergency preparedness and any survival situation you can imagine. It can tuck safely away in a disaster survival bag, taking up very little room and offering lightweight protection from poor water quality. It only weighs 2 ounces.

LifeStraw filters down to an incredible, 0.2 microns in size! This removes nearly all the bacteria (99.9999%) and protozoa (99.9%) from contaminated water, and reduces muddiness by filtering out suspended particles. It will filter 264 gallons.

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Lifestraw Water Filet in use

Here's my own personal LifeStraw review: When I tried the Lifestraw at a local pond, I was a bit apprehensive because the pond was so gross with fish gunk, trash and scum. It was cool outside and four of us in our family went to the pond intending to find out just how well this product worked.

The oldest male offspring was headstrong about going first, so he read the instructions and bent down, taking the cap off the lower portion of the lifestraw. He then removed the cap on the top and submerged the tube in the water for a few seconds, then started sucking. It didn't take long for the water to flow through the filtration system inside the tube. His girlfriend went next. I went next. The youngest offspring chickened out.

It worked perfectly! After reviewing the materials in more detail, we probably should have left the LifeStraw water filter in the water longer before taking our first drink. We also could have scooped the water into a container and put the LifeStraw filter into that and sucked the water out which would have saved my knees. Other than that, and those were our learning experiences, everything went brilliantly.

The Award Winning LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This product is fantastic for hiking and camping, but it is also excellent for disaster survival situations. No one can really depend on their city water during an emergency. Recent events have proven that. And as populations continue to grow, it will just get worse. Even if you personally store the recommended amounts of water for your family for a 72 hour disaster situation, it still may not be enough. Why take chances when the LifeStraw water filter is so inexpensive?

Every family member should have one.

The Lifestraw water filter is made of durable plastic and comes with a lanyard attached so you can carry it around your neck, too.

It is our go-to survival water filter

LifeStraw Family Water Filter

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