Preparedness Foundations

Nine Lessons to a Basic Lifestyle of Disaster Preparedness

This workbook, by Clayton Whitson and Jonathan Coussens is a 76 page course designed to guide any individual in the basic steps of disaster prepping. It is an easy-to-understand resource filled with color pictures, checklists and step-by-step instructions that make the process as simple as taking a shopping list to the grocery store.

What makes this book so effective for me is that it outlines the need for preparedness while explaining the disaster situations side-by--side. This makes the need all the more real and, at least for me, helps me understand why having things in order is so vital.

Of course, I already have my 72-hour bag prepped, so why would this book be valuable? Well, since I am also a Christian, there's more to this book than just simply getting together a bug-out-bag and learning about natural disasters. This book helps explain why preparing is Christ-based and why preparing with the end in mind is Scriptural.

There are a lot of Biblical references to being prepared.

We can't always put our faith solely in our preps. We have to put our faith in God, too. I believe there is room for both. If you are in a boat and a storm is brewing, pray, yes, but row for the shore.

This book also provides information about emergency generators, emergency lighting, ham radio and plumbing. When you put all of this together, you get a solidly written book with great information about things that will make preparing for a disaster easier.

If you are interested in getting yourself ready personally, this book can help you do it in a nine lesson format. It is really geared toward church leaders and Bible study groups, though.

From self-assessments to formal family preparedness plans, this book offers the guidance you need to get yourself and your family ready for any disaster survival situation.

 Preparedness Foundations 2nd Edition: Steps To Living a Preparedness Lifestyle