Soto Pocket Torch

The Soto Pocket Torch turns a disposable lighter into a powerful wind-resistant burner that reaches temperatures up to 2,300°F.

Soto Pocket Torch

Backpacker April '10 says of the Soto Pocket Torch, "Just put a 50-cent lighter into this little widget, and you get a mini blowtorch that produces a searing-hot blue flame."

Pocket Torch accepts rectangular disposable lighters, such as the Scripto brand which you will have to provide yourself. It does not work with round lighters, like the Bic style or the flip-top kind like your grandpa used in the old days.

You can go to Walmart and buy a package of lighters to fit this torch and they cost less than $2.00 for the whole package. Considering how well this works, you have a nice little blow torch that fits in your pocket or back pack for not much money. The convenience of being able to light a fire in the woods without having to worry about windy days or a little bit of rain is awesome.

This neat little gadget doesn't use a lot of fuel and it is really works great in windy conditions. It certainly is better than having to worry about matches or a regular lighter which might not get the job done. And when you are on a camping trip, or out in the wilderness, you need something that works.

Want to light a campfire?

Perfect for lighting stoves and starting campfires. Great to take back-packing or to use at home.

Designed for use below 5,000 ft. in elevation.

Soto Pocket Torch is made of sturdy plasic, but weighs only 1.8 oz. without the lighter. Again, you can get the lighters at Walmart or any gas station. Just don't use the Bic brand because they won't fit.